With multiple move in option, you can:

1. Record a single payment for multiple units

2. Generate a single invoice and lease agreement

3. Manage tenant information in one place

First, click Move In icon > Multiple Units on the left sidebar menu of 6Storage dashboard.

On the move in page, enter the general tenant info and click Next >

Next select the unit details: Location and building

The Unit Number column lists down the units in a drop down list. Click the tickbox to select multiple units. Note: You can select a maximum of 10 units. Multiple units can only be selected from a single location and building.     

For each of the selected units, you can edit the Rental Rate as required.

Once you set the gate access codes and timezone, scroll down to click Save.

Next, select the payment type.

If you have enabled e-Signature, get it signed.

Multiple Move In

Click View/Edit Tax to select multiple tax if required.

And click Apply Discount to apply discounts to rental price.

Then click the slider to generate a single lease agreement for multiple units and then click Save.

You’ll be redirected to the moved in confirmation page where you can email the lease confirmation to the tenant, view the lease agreement and tenant details.

Click License Agreement to view a preview of the agreement in a new tab.

Click Tenant Details to view more info on lease. You can then unmerge invoice if needed.