The customer portal is ready. You need to point your domain to this IP Address:

Once you point your domain we will start with the process for tenant Login, Rent, Reservation, Online payments & Google Map Integration.

Please follow the below steps to point your domain.

Click on Account name > My Products.


2. Click on '+' button > Domains > Manage DNS.


3. Type 'A', click on Edit Records.


4. In this page you can see some records, for updating the IP address please select the ‘A’ Type record, host 'composeemailLeads6', points to, TTL – Custom, Seconds - 600 & click on 'Save' button.


To add WWW alias in the domain portal,

Simply add a new record and select the type as CNAME

Enter WWW in host textbox, and enter the symbol @ in points to textbox

Click save