Batch Invoice Printing & Mailing address printing

We’re here yet again with a new feature that gives you the time-saving option of sending postal mails easily at the click of a button. The feature would allow you to create batch Invoices of your choice and simply print them with your tenant labels, however, you must first start by having it activated.

Step 1 : Navigate to the Profile Icon at the top right of your screen and choose Account Settings.

Batch Printing

Step 2 : Then simply navigate yourself to the Documents tab, scrolling down you’d find a check box to enable batch printing of Invoices. Just check that of and you are good to get started!

Batch Printing

Step 3 : Now, Navigate yourself to the left list menu and choose on Reports.

Batch Printing

Step 4 : Here you’d find one of our newest reports under the Management Category called Invoice Batch Printing.

Step 5 : Clicking on the report should redirect you to a page with a button Create Batch Invoice that allows you to create a new batch of Invoices, simply click on it to proceed in creating one.

Batch Printing

Step 6 : Now you’d find a tab that appears with a lot of fields to create a new batch of your choice. Simply choose them based on the Invoice Period.

Batch Printing

Step 7: You’d find that hitting on Create Batch creates the new unit and the grid below shall populate them all.

Quick tip : Narrow down your search at times when you’ve created many, Use our Search filter!

Step 8 : We took it even further by allowing you to create batches from the page you like most, Invoices/Payments, Let’s GO!

Batch Printing

Step 9: Choose your desired filter to narrow down the Invoices you’d like, be in Paid or Unpaid within a date range that you desire.

Batch PrintingBatch Printing

Step 10 : Once the list is populated, simply choose the Invoices that you wish to mail across to tenants.

Step 11 : Finally you’d need to drop a name for the batch and proceed to create them.

Batch Printing

Note : Also whenever you create future invoices in Bulk, be it mannually or through the auto-scheduler. A batch gets created on it's own for you to use anytime.Batch Printing

Quick Tip: Did you know that most operators print the unpaid Invoices after 10 days of Due and send them across to tenants? It seems some still do not check their e-mails for Invoices and it’s best for reminder mails to trail them.