First click Leases icon on the left sidebar of the 6Storage dashboard. 

You'll be directed to the main lease page, with a list of lease data. Make use of search function to find what you're looking for quick. 

On the centralized lease page, click more and select Add Charges

You'll see a pop window with the title Add Additional Charges. Here, you can either create a new charge (by clicking on the +New button) or select the existing charges from the drop down below. 

The existing charges display with the amount. You can click on the checkbox to enable charges.


If you want to enable tax, click the checkbox under Include Tax

Finally, click save. An invoice will be generated for the added charges.

You can preview the invoice and click Send to send the invoice to the tenant manually.


On the invoice ledger, you can check for the email status: if invoice has been successfully sent to the tenant. You can also void the invoice. (only recent invoice can be voided)