The prospective tenant visits your website and clicks Reserve Now/ Rent Now button on the first fold of home page.

Once that, the tenant reaches the tenant portal where he can choose the available unit. To filter the unit lists, he can select the unit type and size. The units are displayed below, (with unit pictures, if you’ve uploaded unit pictures)

On Clicking Rent Now, you can do a move-in.

There are 2 actions the tenant can perform on the tenant portal: Rent Units and Reserve Units. To rent units, click Rent Now. The unit information will open in a new tab where you can enter the tenant information.  The unit details are also displayed if you’d like to preview it.



Fill in the tenant information and the move in details. Other information such as Insurance, services, signature can be enabled from admin portal.

Once the tenant fills in the information, he can click Proceed To Pay and make payment. Also they can save the card for future transaction by enabling the check box.



After payment, you can see the move in confirmation page.


If your tenant wants to reserve units, he can click Reserve Now button and enter their details (name, email, mobile no and move in date).  

The tenant will receive an online reservation confirmation and you (admin) will be notified.

After move in, the tenant will also receive login credentials (for customer/tenant portal) via email to view his rent activity. The tenant portal is customizable from the admin portal, including displaying the unit price incl of tax.

Tenant portal displays the lease history of the tenant. Information on moved out units, invoices, transactions details etc.