First, to create a new account on Twilio, sign up here:

Enter the required details and click on Get Started.

Then enter your phone number to verify your identity. Click on Verify button.

Enter the verification code and click on Submit.

Then you will be redirected to Twilio Console. Click on 3rd Party Integration.

Give a Project Name and click on Continue or click on Skip Remaining Steps.

You will be redirected to the dashboard. On the left sidebar, click the hash (#) symbol and select Phone Number. Click on Get Your First Twilio Phone Number.

On the pop-up, click on Choose this Number.

This will be your temporary Twilio phone number. It’s recommended you buy a number on Twilio. To do so, click on Buy a Number.

Once you purchased the number, go to dashboard. You will find the Account SID and Auth Token. Copy these two values and paste it on 6Storage  SMS Setup under Account Settings. Also, copy and paste the purchased Twilio phone number on 6Storage SMS Setup.

6Storage Dashboard>Profile Icon>Account Settings>SMS Setup

Click on Save.

Now, your new Twilio account has been configured to 6Storage.