If you are not in Site Map already, click on the Site Map icon on the top menu of 6Storage dashboard.

Select any unit (excluding vacant units) on the Site Map. A pop-up displays the unit details, including various buttons to make action.

Click on Comments button to enter a comment. A pop-up window opens where you can add the comment.

Once you add comment, click on Add.


On the Site Map, the units with comments will be marked in asterisk for easy identification. When you click on the unit and hover on the comment balloon, comment is shown as a preview.

To edit the comment, click on Comment button once again and click the Edit icon on the pop-up window. Also comment history is displayed on the pop-up window. And you can enter new comments to add. Enter comment on the Enter Notes box and click on Add.

Note: You can add/edit comments throughout the 6Storage platform, where comment function is available. i.e., Leases page, Move-In page etc.