With this new feature, you can pause services to each of your tenants, with respect to a time period.

First, click on the Leases icon on the left sidebar menu.

On the given lease list, click on the data to select the tenant that you want to pause services.

Then click on the Services tab on the centralized lease page. The services that you created on 6Storage will be displayed in the list below. Note: only services with Invoice type will be displayed. Services for Unit and One Time Charge will not be displayed on Leases page.

On the Services list, click on the first column to select services. You can select one service at a time. After selection, choose the Start date and End date. Then click on +Add Services

Once added, the service will be active for the chosen time period. The status of the service changes to Started.

To stop the service, select the started service and click on Stop. Click Yes on the Stop Services pop-up to confirm the changes.

To remove the service, select the required service and click on Remove Selected Services. Click Yes on the Remove Services pop-up to confirm the changes.

After removing a particular service, the Status changes to (no value). The service remains on the list should you decide to add in the future.