To add a credit card to an existing tenant, click Tenants on the left sidebar of 6Storage dashboard

On the Tenants page, click Manage Cards and then click + Add Cards

Enter the card details on the Credit/Debit Card Information window and click Submit. 

Similarly, you can add multiple cards for a tenant. The cards details you submit will be listed as shown below.

To make a card as default, click Make Default. 

To delete a card, just click Delete


1. To delete a default card, you need to update other existing card as default or add a new card and set it as default.

2. To set a card as default,  you can simply make use of the option Make Default. 

3. If you did not find Activate AutoPay or Deactive AutoPay option and you want it, then please reach us via Chat or email us to:

You can also delete all the saved credit cards for a tenant. If in case, you've enabled auto pay and you want to delete all the saved credit cards, you'll get a pop up window as shown below.

If you wish to proceed, click Yes and delete the card.

On the payments (Pay Now) page, you can pay with a new credit card or you can select any of the saved credit cards. This option is only available for credit card Payment Type.