The centralized lease page displays all the information for each tenant in the form of sections, tabs and provides button to make action.

With buttons, you can make payment (Pay Now), move out (Move-Out), generate invoices (Generate Next Invoice) plus make more changes (More).

The help section is divided into 3 parts:

First, go to centralized lease page. Click on the Leases icon on the left sidebar menu.

You will be directed to lease. Here lease details are listed on a table. The data can be sorted using the extensive search function. Click on the required tenant name to view more details. This action takes you to centralized lease page.

On the centralized lease page, you will find all the tenant information and some options.


On the page, section 1 displays the multiple leases held by the tenant. Section 2 lists a quick info for the current lease while section 3 displays invoice details. Invoice statement can be downloaded in a PDF or Excel format. Click on Statement button to download. You can also send statement to the tenant via email.

The invoice section displays info on all the invoices/receipts. The Email/SMS Status can be previewed by hovering the cursor on the Email/SMS icon. Note that the recent invoice / receipt can be voided.

To preview the invoice, click on the email icon. A pop-up window opens and displays the invoice.

When you pay for multiple unpaid invoices, a single receipt will be generated and the receipt will read "Multiple Invoice Payment".  


There are 7 tabs which provide further information on the tenant.

The tabs are: General, Documents, Insurance, Discount, Services, Merchandise and Approve eSign.

General tab displays the tenant info, unit info, lease info. The Name, Unit Number and Unit size can be edited. Click to edit. Also, comment box shows a preview.

Documents tab displays the available Lease Documents, which can be sent to the tenants via email. Other than lease documents, you can also resend Welcome Email and Lease Confirmation Email. Also, you can upload Documents. Click on Choose Files and click Upload. 

Under Insurance tab, you can pause the insurance plan.

Discount tab displays the recorded discounts for the lease.

Services tab lets you pause services to tenants during the lease period.

Likewise, Merchandise tab displays the recorded Merchandise where you can add merchandise to tenants.

Approve eSign tab lets you approve / deny tenants’ signature.


The options available are:

Generate Next Invoice

Pay Now


And additional options.

Using Generate Next Invoice, you can generate next invoice for the rental period and send a confirmation to tenant via email and SMS.

Pay Now directs you to Invoices / Payments page where you make tenant payments.

In a scenario where your tenants pays the advance amount, a Receipt will be generated on the ledger. 

On the centralized lease page, Move-Out directs you to Move-Out page where you move out the tenant.

Note: If your tenant has prorate refund amount, an additional Reversal Invoice will be generated along with Move Out Receipt and Refund Receipt.

Furthermore, with the additional options you can schedule move-out, transfer a tenant to other units, apply discount to the tenant, void lease, edit lease.

Or add charges to additional services.


Now you can make full use of the centralized lease page.