When you quickly want to use the unit price inclusive of tax, you do not have to spend effort on this matter. Here's how you simplify it.

This feature lets you enable the unit price inc. tax field on SiteMap, Move-In page, Unit page, and Unit Transfer page which is found on Leases page. 

First, click on the User icon on the Right and select Account Settings.

Then select Preferences and find Enable "Unit Prices Inclusive Tax" under  " Other Features". Then click Save.

Once selected, the field "Standard Rate Incl. Tax will be available on Move-In page (access it from Move-In icon on the left sidebar menu) 

And, you can see the Standard Rate Incl. Tax on Unit page (access it from Units > All Units icon on the left sidebar menu > click on the respective unit). 

Also on the Transfer Unit page, which you can access from Leases icon on the left sidebar menu > select the tenant > click More on the centralized lease page > Transfer.