Multiple tax can be applied on Move In, Lease page, Transfer Units, Move Out, Multiple Move In, and for Insurances, Services and Merchandises.

To apply multiple tax on move in, click Move In icon on the left sidebar menu of 6Storage dashboard.

Follow the usual move in process.

Under Payment Details, Click View/ Edit Tax to apply multiple tax for Lease payment.

Click the drop down list to select the number of taxes you need.

To apply multiple tax for additional charges, click Leases icon on the left sidebar of 6Storage dashboard.

Then click More button on the right and click Add Charges.

Click +New to add additional charges, if you’re adding charges for the first time.

Enter the details, click Add to add the charges.

Then select the Charges you’ve created and choose the tax systems from the drop down list. Click Save to continue.

To apply multiple tax during unit transfer, follow the usual unit transfer procedure.

At step 2 of unit transfer, click View / Edit Tax to apply multiple tax for the new unit.

To apply multiple tax on merchandise, simply click the drop down list and select the required tax you need.

How to create multiple tax systems on 6Storage.