First, click the User Icon on the right corner of 6Storage dashboard > Account Settings 

Under Lease (Move In) tab, click Auto Lock to enable it and choose the number of days you’d like to lock the units after the payment due date.

Note: auto lock date is calculated after the grace period.

Click View Overdue Leases to get a preview of overdue tenants. And you can send unit lock notification to your tenants via email or sms.

Once auto lock is enabled from account settings, it will be automatically applied to all over the overdue tenants. Should you decide to manually disable it, click Leases > select the tenant > and use the auto lock toggle function to disable auto lock.

The history tab on centralized leases page gives you the overview of the unit lock/unlock function.

Once the unit is locked, tenant access will be suspended. If you’d like to view the list of tenants that have been locked, click Leases tab > search for Suspended Leases > and click search.

To view the complete list of locked unit over a time period, go to Reports > Unit Lock History on reports page.

Note: If an unit is over-locked and the tenant makes payment after, the unit will be automatically granted access.