*Currently only available for UK users

If you have an existing account on Worldpay, please send the Service Key and Client Key to us. You can find the keys on Worldpay Dashboard > API Keys. Send the keys to support@6storage.com and we’ll integrate Worldpay to your 6Storage account.

To create a new account, click here to create an account, this link will directly take you to Worldpay account signup.

Enter the email and password and Create An Account on Worldpay.

You’ll get a signup confirmation window. Check the Worldpay confirmation email in your inbox and click the link to activate your account.

Next you’ll enter the password to confirm your account.

Once you confirm your email, click Activate Now if you want to setup a Live Worldpay account.

If you didn’t get the email on your inbox, check the spam folder, or click Resend the email

Once you click Activate Now, you’ll be directed to the account activation page. Here, you’ll enter your Contact Details

If you need help with completing your account activation form, you can watch the video on the top of the page.

You can select any of the Shopping Cart on the drop down list and then click Next.

Again, note: Worldpay Integration is (currently) available only for UK users. You can only select Company country as United Kingdom. Then click Next.

Similarly, enter the details on Business Profile, Bank Account Details, Order Options, Pricing Plans and Fees and finally Finish.

Once your live account is activated, click Settings under the Worldpay dashboard > click Next

Then click API Keys tab.

Here, you’ll have to copy the Service Key and Client Key and send it to support@6storage.com

Making Payments on 6Storage Admin Portal 

Now, you’ll be able to make payment transactions on Tenant Portal and Admin Portal.

For example, if you make a transaction on Invoice/Payments page or anywhere in the admin portal, the payment will be recorded in your Worldpay account.

Make sure to enter the accurate card details. Note: only these 3 cards are supported: Master Card, Visa and American Express.

You can also save the card for future transactions. 

Click Proceed To Pay to successfully make a payment.

How do 6Storage Payment Transactions Record on Worldpay 

On Worldpay dashboard, you can view the transactions made.

To view detailed info on transactions, click View

On the Order Details page, you can view detailed info on transactions. On the description, the tenant name and unit details will be displayed.

If the transaction is failed for any reason, you will get the State as “Failed”. You can view detailed transaction info and check the reason.


Worldpay Integration is (currently) available only for UK users.

Only these 3 cards are supported: Master Card, Visa and American Express

How to Create a Test Worldpay Account

If you’d only like to test transactions, you don’t need to enter account activation page. You can simply choose the Test account on the dashboard and then send us the Service Key and Client Key.

To get the keys, click Settings under the dashboard > API Keys

Copy and send the keys to support@6storage.com