First, click the User Icon on the top right corner of 6Storage dashboard. Click Account Settings.

Under Required Fields tab, click the checkbox corresponding to Date Of Birth. You can enable this function on Admin Portal and Customer Portal.

On the move in page, you’ll find the DoB field on the Tenant Information.

Similarly, you can view the DoB on the Centralized Lease page.

After you’ve enabled the DoB field from Account Settings, you can use the macro field “Date Of Birth” on notification templates and send an birthday wish to your tenants.

To create a new email template, click Notification icon > Notification Templates 

Then click Create Template to create a new template.

Now create the email and choose the macro field “Date Of Birth” from Tenant Information. Scroll down to send a test email, and click Update to create the email template.

Then click the Notification icon > Mr. Delivery. Search for the template name. Select the tenants you’d like to send the birthday wish and scroll down to send the email.