First you need a merchant account with a credit card processing company. If you do not have one, 6Storage will help you in signing up with one of the companies we integrate with. 

The 6 payment gateways

Select Merchant Solutions

Emerchant Pay




Worldpay (Only supported for UK)

Once you have a merchant account setup with any of the above processors, email the API code to our support team ( and we’ll assign the merchant account to your account. Then you’ll be able to process credit card payments in your 6Storage account.

Steps to Switch the Payment Gateway

After you complete the new merchant account application, email the API code to our support team (

Then we will schedule a call at your convenient time to update your 6Storage account with the new payment gateway. 

You’ll need to delete the previously saved tenant’s credit card details and re enter the details for each tenant. 

Note: The credit card details used with your old merchant account will not automatically transfer to your new merchant account. 

Know About PCI Compliance 

6Storage does not store credit card or bank account information.

Here’s how PCI compliance works:

When a credit card or bank account information is entered in a tenant's account, the information is encrypted and is sent to the credit card processing company. The data is stored with the credit card processing company. 

The credit card processing company then returns either an accepted or declined message to 6Storage which records that message and displays the last 4 digits of the credit card or bank account for reference.