First click Admin icon on the left sidebar of 6Storage dashboard.

Under Roles and Permission tab, click +Add to add a new user. 

A pop window opens, where you can assign the name and permission of the user. 

You can assign 4 kinds of roles: Admin, Manager, Staff and Accountant.

Click the radio button to select the fields. Also note that if you choose the role as accountant, you can only select accounting related fields and not daily operations or admin setup operations. 

Once done, click Save 

After you’ve created a new user, you can perform 3 functions: edit the information, send the password to login to their user assigned role and deactivate/delete the user completely.

Additionally, for admin role, you can set Super Access which gives you complete access of the software functions. As an Admin user role, you could create new user roles and also provide super access to other admin users if needed.

Any admin role with super access enabled acts as someone that has complete access to the software without any limitations/permissions.


1) Account settings is only accessible to the super admin. Account settings is restricted to other role members: admin, manager, staff and accountant

2) Admin user does not have access to facility tab in admin setup page. Admin can however access other tabs on admin setup page.