Authenticating your domain prevents your emails from landing in spam. To set it up, you must submit the DNS records provided by SendGrid to your DNS or hosting provider (for example, GoDaddy, Hover, CloudFlare, etc.). 

Remember: you will need access to your hosting provider


If you have access to Sendgrid account, login and Select Settings > Sender Authentication 

*if you dont have access, contact support via email or livechat and we will send you the DNS records

Step 2

In the domain authentication section, click Get Started. Then select the domain name. if you're not sure about the DNS (Domain Name Server), select I am not sure from the dropdown box

Select yes to brand the links for this domain

Step 3

Enter your domain name and click next

Step 4

After clicking next, you'll see DNS records. Copy it all and paste it to your domain hosting provider DNS records

Step 5

To paste the DNS records on your domain hosting account (like Godaddy or cloudflare), login and select the domain to authenticate and then click on Manage DNS

Step 6

In the DNS Manager window, click on Add button to add new records

Step 7

Select the type of record on the add screen

Step 8 

Fill in the values and click save. Repeat the steps for the other values too.

To fill in the values, copy and paste it from your Sendgrid account 

Step 9

Once you are done, login again to the SendGrid account. Go to Settings > Sender Authentication and click Verify to authenticate your domain

By doing this, you will overcome most of the email related problems