The Tenants Menu shows you the list of tenants in your 6Storage account. It is denoted by a profile icon. 

The list provides tenant details such as Tenant Name, Email Id, Phone Number. Storage details such as Storage number, Location Building. It also gives you lease details such as current balance, late fee, Esign status & any other status related to the lease.

Clicking on the tenant's name will open the tenant's profile where further details about the tenant & lease can be seen. If you click on the unit number, you can view further details about the units.

By default all the active tenants will be displayed on the screen, however, there are various filters on 6Storage.

Tenant Filtering's

1. Storage Category:  By default, the list shows all the tenants irrespective of their storage category, however, you can filter out the tenants from a particular category. 

2. Location / Building: By default, list shows all the tenant irrespective of their locations/Building, however, you can filter out the tenants from a particular location or Building

3. Tenant Status: By default, the list shows all the active tenants in your 6storage account in the selected storage category, location & Building, the other available tenant statuses are Moved Out, Scheduled Move out, Suspended. 

4. Additional Filters: This filter helps you to find the tenants based on the move-in date, Paid Tenants, Unpaid Tenants, and Overdue Tenants. 

Note: The filter By options changes based on the Tenant status selected. 


1. To Find out the tenants who moved out on 23/03/2021, Select the tenant status as Moved Out and select Move out date in the filter by options. 

2. To find out the tenants who have scheduled to move out on 23/03/2021, select the tenant status as Scheduled move out and select scheduled move out date in the filter by options

Searching for a tenant

You can search for a tenant with details such as the tenant's name, unit number, or tenant email id. 

In the search bar type in to search the tenant. Select the appropriate choice. 

Other Actions Performed in the list

There are 3 actions that can be done for each of the tenant's

- Pay Now: This helps you to record payments on your tenant's account. 

- Rent Now: If the existing tenant wants to rent another unit, clicking on the rent now option will take you to the move-in screen.

- Turn On/Off reminders: By default, the automatic rent reminders set in the automation tab will be sent to all the tenants. If it needs to be turned off then it can be done here.