Update unit price for one of your units:

Step 1: Apply a filter to find the unit you are looking for.  

Step 2: To change the unit price click on the View More button  

The Price Details popup will be displayed. 

Once the update is done hit on Save.

Note: You will be able to edit the inclusive tax price of the unit if the inclusive tax feature is enabled in settings. 

Update unit price for multiple units

To update the multiple units pricing:

Step 1:

Apply a filter to find the unit you are looking for.  In this case, you could use Storage Catagory, Unit Type, or Search with storage name

Step 2:

Select the desired Units on the left by selecting the check box(es), in the below example 36 units are selected. 

Step 3:  Now click on the more button & Choose the Update Price option. 

Step 4:

We have two different types of price update

1. Fixed value: You will have to use this type of option when you will have to increase or decrease the unit's price by a fixed value.


- Grouping on the units is done based on the price and the size of the unit. 

- If this price change needs to change on the existing lease then enable the Update unit price for occupied lease(s) check box.


2. Percentage: You will have to use this type when the price needs to be increased or decreased by a percentage. 

Click on the Save button to update the new price for the selected unit(s).