Assigning Unit Based Services 

1. Add unit-based service to one of your unit's:

Step 1: Filter out the unit to add the service & click on the unit number as shown in the below image.

Step 2: You can now see the unit details 

On the centralized unit page, you have an option to add the service, Hit on the + icon & you can see a list of unit-based services you can choose from.

Step 3:

Select the service which you wish to apply to the unit and then hit on Save button.

Note: If you want to add any new service click on the Add New Service link. 

Now the service will be added to the unit. 

 Add unit-based service to multiple units 

Step 1: To add the service to the units we have to select the units using the check box.

Step 2:  Click on the More option which will open a drop-down menu with the list of actions. Select the Assign Services option. 

Step 3: Select one or more services that you want to assign to the unit(s) and click on Save.

Step 4: The added services will be displayed on the units grid.