1. Add unit-based Discount to a unit 

Go to 'Operations', select the Storage Category, Location, Building, Unit Status, Addons, and click on 'Apply.' Select the unit to which you want to add the discount(s). 

 On the detailed units page, click on the '+' icon at the 'Discounts' tab.

Select the discount plans from the list of discount plans displayed in the dialog box. Then click on 'Save'

2. Add unit-based Discount to multiple units  

Select one or more units to which you want to assign the discounts, by enabling the checkboxes. 

Click on the grid box to view more actions. Select 'Assign Discount' from the list of options.

Choose the discount plans from the list to assign to the selected units. And click on 'Save'

Now, the selected discount plans are assigned to the selected units

When this unit is selected during the move-in process the discount will be applied by default based on the discount conditions