Add unit-based Discount to a unit:

Discounts that are added to the unit by default will be applied during the move-in process. 

Step 1: Choose a unit you want to add the discount(s). 


Step 2: On the detailed units page click on Discount + Icon a list of discount plans will be displayed for you to choose from. 

Step 3: Selects the discount plans

2. Add unit-based Discount to multiple units 

Step 1: Select one or more units you want to assign the discounts to. 

Step 2:  Click on the  Assign Discount option from the more options. 

Step 3: Select one or more discount plans to assign to a unit.

The discount plan will now to assigned to the unit 

When this unit is selected during the move-in process the discount will be applied by default based on the discount conditions