The invoice tab on 6Storage has a list of all the invoices, Payment that has been created over any particular period of time. The invoice tab is divided into 3 parts

1. Invoices session: The invoice session has a different list of invoices on your 6storage account. The various invoice list available are:

• Unpaid Invoices: This is a list of all the unpaid invoices on your account in a filtered period of time. 

• Paid Invoices: This is a list of all the paid invoices on your account in a filtered period of time. 

• Refund Invoices: During the move out the process on 6Storage, a refund can be given to the tenant. this list has a list of such invoices given during the move-out. 

• Voided Invoices: There are many cases where you will have to void an invoice from the account, this is the list of such voided invoices in a filtered period of time. 


• Cancelled Invoices: Cancelled invoices are credit notes that are given to the tenants. A credit note is a legal document used to ‘pay’ the invoice so that it does not become overdue. When you create an invoice and realise that it needs to be cancelled, be aware that there are some legal restrictions involved. Technically, you should never delete an issued invoice but instead, use a credit note to cancel the invoice. Here is a list of such invoices that were cancelled. 

• Sent Invoices:  Whenever you create an invoice on the 6Storage account either automatically or manually then it can be sent or even resent to the tenant at any point of time. This list has the updates on when the invoice was sent and was the invoice read by the tenant or not.


• Unsent Invoices: Whenever we send invoices to the tenants, there are possibilities for the emails to fail due to various possibilities, which will be listed here. 

  Note: You can also find the list of all the invoices on your account. 

2. Payments session: The payment sessions has a list of all the payment you have received in your 6Storage account.  It is one of the places where you can find how are the tenants paying their bills. 

3. Bulk Action: The bulk action session help you to create a huge number of invoices, Lock some of the overdue leases or unlock the lease if they have paid. These task needs to be done manually. It is not an automated process.