At the Invoices tab, we have three separate features to perform functions such as 

  • Sending Invoice

  • Export Invoices 

  • Creating batch Invoices 

Let's discuss deep on these features

Export Invoice: 

The export option is used to export the list of Invoices in the file format such as PDF/XLS/XLSX by selecting the invoice using the check box and clicking on the Export option.

Step 1 & 2:

Send Invoice:

The Send Invoice option is used the send the Invoices to the tenants. 

Step 1:

Select the Invoices you want to send and then click on the Send invoice button. A pop-up screen will appear, check the email/SMS, enter the remarks and click send to send the Invoices.

Step 2:

Use the Check box to select either Email or SMS or Both, Enter the remarks and click send.

Step 3:

The status of the Invoices that we sent will be displayed.


Create Batch: 

The Create Batch is used to get the batch Invoice of all the selected Invoices in a downloadable file format (Pdf, Xls, Xlsx).

Step 1:                                                                                

Select the invoices, Once done with the invoices click on the Create batch.

Step 2:

It will show you the download type like pdf, XLS, XLSX.

After selecting the type please hit on download to download the file or cancel.