This tab shows you a list of cards that are used & saved by the tenant during the leasing period. 

A tenant has more than one card save on the account and can switch between them for recurring payments on 6Storage.

Adding Cards of 6Storage Account

Step 1: Click on the Add Card button in the Saved Cards tab on your tenant profile. 

Step 2: Based on the payment gateway configured on the account, the form loads up. 

Stripe Form as an example

Type in the tenant's card details along with the CVV & expiry date of the card. Finally, click on Submit button. 

The last 4 digits of the card will be saved and this card can be used by your tenant for recurring payments. 

Things to remember

  • At any point in time, only one card can be used for automatic recurring payments, it is usually the default card that is used for automatic payments. 
  • The Card which has the green tick on it is the default card.

  • Click on the Make Default button to change the default settings.

  • Click on the action icon of the default card to activate recurring payment on the card & click on Activate Autopay

  • Click on the Deactivate Autopay option to disable recurring payments on this card

  • Click On Delete option to delete a card permanently from the 6Storage account. 


  • The recurring payments are a lease-specific feature. A card will be used for recurring payments for all the leases of a tenant.
  • You can get to know the recurring payment date from the lease session on the tenant profile.