STEP-1: Please head onto the Tenants tab from the left side menu.

STEP-2: Filter the Tenants from the Lease options based on the location and building.

STEP-3: Select the Tenant from the list.

Step 4: You can find all the lease-related information on the right hand side of the tenant's profile. Click on the Edit icon to edit the lease details of the tenant. 

Step 5: The lease details that can be edited are 

  • Billing Cycle 
  • Invoice Period
  • Move out Date
  • Rental Price
  • Notification Preference
  • Gate Access Code


1. The move in date of a lease can be changed only when there is an unpaid Move In Invoice. 

This action will automatically recreate the move in invoice and other lease related documents.

Note: If there is a paid move in invoice then void the payment, so that you can edit the move in date. 

2. The changes that you make to the billing cycle or the invoice period will affect the next invoice & not the existing created invoice.