The Move-in feature is used to move-in your tenants into available units and create the lease. This feature is available at the top of the application window, or if you want to move-in a tenant through sitemap-available units, it can be accessed from the Site-Map.

The Move-in process splits into 5 different tabs, each tab containing the necessary information to be filled out to complete the move-in process.  The mandatory and optional fields are set up under the Settings icon on the left-hand menu.

Tenant Details:

Click on the Move-In Button the system will open the Tenant Details tab. This is where you enter the details for your tenants. For a new tenant, you have to click New Tenant, and in case of moving in or adding a locker to an existing tenant, you can select your current tenant from the list of existing tenants or search them by name.


Once all the required and optional information is filled out, click Next Step at the bottom of the page and the system will advance to the Storage Details tab where you select the unit(s) to be rented.  This is prepopulated if you start from the Site Map.

Storage Details:


On the Storage Details Page, select the Storage Type, Location, and Building. Once we finished the field selection, the available units will be listed out as follows.

After entering all the fields, click Next Step to advance to the Addons tab.

Addons Tab 

The addons section is generally used to add the Extra services/facilities provided at the facility.  The addons listed out in this section are as follows:




Vehicle details 

Esign & Payments

On this tab, you can get an E-sign of a person or through email. Preview the documents such as the Invoice or lease agreement/contract before moving in and receive the payment. Review if any discounts applied, payment options such as "Pay later". In addition to these if tax has to be exempted.

Move-In Sucess

You can send the Welcome Email/Text Message, Move-in Invoice/ Receipt on the success page.