The settings menu helps you set up your 6Storage account for regular business operations.

Click the Settings icon from the left side of the page.


The General tab has the following settings to enter basic business information:

  • Company Profile
  • Facility Details 
  • Storage Category
  • Users

Changes made to the settings below will be reflected in all business documents.

  • Time Zone based on the preferred locations
  • Business Name
  • Business Website
  • Primary Contact 
  • Phone Number
  • Admin Email Address
  • Support Email Address
  • Business Address
  • Business Logo
  • Digital Signature
  • Social Media Links

1. Company Profile:

Business-specific information is set using the Company Profile Settings tab.

Please refer to the following screenshots to update information to your 6Storage account.

Indicate your Time Zone based on the Storage Facility Location 

Upload your business logo to have your logo appear on business documentation (invoices, receipts, email templates, lease agreements, etc.

Add the business address
1. Business Address1 

2. Address2 (Optional) 
3. Country 
4. State 
5. City
6. Zip code

Enable the check box button shown below to Display Business Bank Account Details in the Invoice

After Enabling the check box button, the Bank Details will be displayed as shown above on invoices.

You can also draw or upload the signature of the Admin, in the Admin Digital Signature Field. The Digital Signature will be added to the Document’s - Lease Agreement using the Signature-Admin Macro.

The image below shows the earlier added signature on the right side, next to the Drawing space.

The Social Media links fields are used to add your social media pages to the bottom of each email as a Macro.

Once you have updated or edited all of the required details, click the Save button.