On this tab, you can have the tenant Esign, preview the documents such as the Invoice and lease agreement/contract before moving in.

Exempt Tax:

If you would like to exempt the tax then you can use this field, but make sure you have enabled it in the move-in section of the settings tab. The tax exemption can be reflected based on the Personal/Business User criteria that are set under the Settings icon.

Step 1:  

Step 2:

Select for which you would like to exempt tax


The E-Signature is used for the tenant to sign directly if they are present in the facility when you move them in. In case you would like to send the E-signature link to your tenant to get signed, then switch to Signature on email to send the E-sign link to the tenant email. The tenants have to open the email, click on the link, sign on the screen using the electronic pen or touch screen, and then submit the E sign. Once submitted admin will be asked to approve the E sign.

Preview Documents:

You can preview the Invoice and the lease contract before moving in to double-check all fields filled correctly. You just click on the Preview documents at the bottom of the page next to E-signature to get the Invoice and Lease agreement/Contract previews.

Step 1: Click Preview Documents at the bottom of the page

Step 2: On the pop-up screen switch between Invoices/documents to see the Preview

Applying Discount: 

The promotional discount may be applied during the move-in process:

Step 1: Under Payment Information Click Apply discount

Step 2: Select the Discount Plan

Step 3: After selecting the discount plan

Payment type:

Once you are done with the procedure, you will be prompted to select the Payment type. Select your payment type to continue or select Pay later (the Tenant will be invoiced) and Click Save and Proceed.

Once done with selecting the Payment type, click on the Save & Proceed button to Complete the Move-in. The confirmation screen is displayed as below: