Data Upload

Data upload allows you to migrate tenant's data including the existing balance from existing software or spreadsheet.  All you need to follow the format of data specified by 6Storage.

The uploading operation can be done.

1. Manual Unit upload

2. Unit Upload through the sheet

3. Manual Lease Upload

4. Lease Upload through the sheet

1. Manual Unit Upload 

To upload the units, please follow the below steps to get started with the Account Setup.

Please click on the Settings tab available from the left side menu, please refer to the below icon.

Click the Data Upload option to upload both the units and the lease into the system.

The unit upload can be done in two ways, i.e

Click the Unit Upload and select the Manual Upload button.

Enter all the mandatory and required fields are listed below: 

  • Storage Category
  • Location
  • Building
  • Sub Type
  • Dimensions (Units sizes)
  • Unit Price (Monthly Price)
  • Unit Images (Optional)

Click “Save” to complete the setup.

2. Unit Upload through the sheet 

For uploading the Units, please follow the below steps to get started with the Account Setup.

Click the Unit Upload and select the sheet Upload

Select the Storage Category Type

Eg: Locker, Pallets, Storage Units

Click the down arrow button to download the Unit Template and once you filled all the required details in the sheet click the Upload files option.

Once the file is chosen, click the upload button.

3. Manual Lease Upload

Click the Lease Upload icon and then select the Manual Upload option.

Select the Storage Category, Location & Building.

Select the unit to fill in the tenant information and their lease information.

Enter a positive value if the tenant is yet to pay you Or Enter zero if the tenant has paid up to date.

Enter all the required mandatory details like Tenant Name, Contact Number, Move-in Date, Select the Invoice Period.

Once you entered all the details, click the Add Lease button.

4. LEASE UPLOAD (Sheet):

Select the Sheet Upload option under the Lease Upload.

Click the Download Templates and fill in all the required Columns.

NOTE: Date Format "MM/DD/YYYY" is only supported ex: "05/30/2020"

Some of the required fields to be filled mandatory in sheet to upload the leases are:


Once you are done with all the fields, click the Upload option to complete the setup.