From the WordPress dashboard click on 6storage -> Settings. 


After selecting the settings you will land on the tenant portal setting page.

To customize tenant information turn on field settings and selected tenant info it will display the fields you want to capture for a move-in.






This page allows you to customize the fields based on your business requirements.
For example: If you wish to have address line two (for an apartment number), enable the “Admin Portal” check box and if you wish to enable “Admin Mandatory Fields” you can make it mandatory by clicking on the check box. 

If you make a field mandatory, then the system will not complete a move-in until there is data in that field, so make sure you want it.



Step 1: Enable the toggle button.



Step 2:

You will have another option to make it mandatory if you wish to enable it, Hit on the check box.



Step 3:


Finally, click the save button.



Now, you can see the address line two fields have been created and marked as a mandatory field.