Rent Single Unit:

From the WordPress dashboard click on 6storage -> Settings. 



After selecting the Settings you will land on the tenant portal setting page.

To customize for your business requirements, click on Feature customization you will find Fields, Additional addons & other operations.



By disabling the Rent single unit, you will have an option to choose multiple units with multiple sizes only for the “Rent now” option.



Tenant portal:

On the tenant portal, you can see the option available to rent multiple units.

Step 1:
You can select multiple units of different sizes or you can as well rent a single unit

Step 2:
 After selecting the units click on the rent now button which is on top to rent those units. 



By enabling the Rent single unit,  the option to choose multiple units with multiple sizes will not be available.

Tenant portal:

With this option selected, the tenant will only be able to rent a single unit.