Tenant Unit Enquiry:

From the WordPress dashboard click on 6storage -> Settings. 



After selecting the settings you will land on the tenant portal setting page.

To customize this for your business requirements, click on Feature customization you will find Fields, Additional addons & other operations.



 By enabling Tenant Unit Enquiry you will get an Enquiry button in the tenant portal


Tenant portal:

In the given image you can see an inquiry option it will help your tenant to get the unit details and pre-booking the unit.

Once you hit on the Enquiry button.


The tenant can fill out all the information and submit it. This lead will fall in the lead table where the tenants can do the pre-booking.

By disabling the Tenant Unit Enquiry. You will not get an Enquiry button in the tenant portal.

Tenant portal:
As you can see in the below screen it doesn’t have the Enquiry option