Create the lease agreement for your facility through the documents option. Please note that if you have multiple locations in different states which required different lease agreement you can configure them easily from this option. Navigate to "Settings-->Documents" then click on "Documents".

Once you have selected the documents tab.

Create a new document.

You will be landed on the document drafting page.

Step 1:

You can type the document name.

Step 2:
You can type the footer text.

Step 3:
You can upload the document by a hit on choose file. So that you can view the uploaded document in the draft area.

Step 4: 

Simply start by typing or copy/paste from an existing document.

Step 5: Then choose the macro’s you’d need and place them wherever you’d like.

Step 6: In this example I’m trying to have my Business logo at the top line of the page and here’s how I do it.

Customized Agreement

Step 7: A while after unleashing your designing skills and the interest in using the macro’s you should have a completed document. Simply hit on the Save to save the same and to start using it for your move-ins.

Step 8: Take a quick peek at what you’ve created by hitting on the Preview button.

Customized Agreement

You can select the above fields the license agreement belongs to which Storage Type, Storage Location, Tenant Type, Document Category.

Note: "We know you're imaginative and enjoy trying new things, but don’t forget that we're still and always will help you with the setup for FREE". Still finding the design on your own concept tough, just send across your rental agreement to and we’ll get you set up in no time!