Click on Settings -> Notification template.

Click on the notification template, You can view the list of templates.

There are 2 types of Templates.

1. The default Template: The templates that 6Storage provides by default. 

2. Custom Template: The templates that are created by the 6Storage users. More Info 

In the actions column, you will be having Preview, Change template category, Edit & Show/Hide template.

If you hit on the preview icon, it will open up the template.

The preview template enables you to preview the email content with macros as shown below. 

Change template category:

If you click on the change category icon.

Below are the default Categories that 6Storage has.

Note: The categories are used to differentiate the templates in different parts of the application. 

Edit: To edit a template, click on the edit icon

The template will be displayed in an editable form where the changes can be done. When you have done with the editions, click on the Save button to save changes. 

Note: The category of the template can also be changed from the edit form. 

Test email: If you wish to test the email template you can send it to your test email ID. Type in the email id and click on the Test Email Button.

Show/Hide template:

If you want the template to show up on the Mr. Delivery then it needs to be enabled in this setting.