The reservation fee is by default takes as a monthly rental amount, in 6Storage V2 we can add/ collect custom reservation fee. 


Go to the Setting menu then select Preferences. In preferences click on Reservations.

In reservations, select Do you collect reservation fee? Then choose Custom Reservation Fee. Then click on Save.


After enabling custom reservations, go to the Operation menu. Select the units whose reservation fees need to be customized.


Click on the more option. Choose Assign Reservation Fees.


On clicking on assign reservation fees, a new tab with Update reservation Fees appears. Now Update the New reservation fee. Then click on Save.


These reservation fees added will be reflected in the unit’s grid.


After the reservation fee is updated, go to Leads. Click on Reservation, add a New Reservation.


On clicking New Reservation, a new tab with Add Reservation will pop up.


Fill in the tenant details, lead sources preferred move-in date, and payment option.


Fill in the price details, set remainder, and select reservation status. Then click on reserve.


On successful reservation, we get below tab with reservation details and reservation receipt, which can be shared with the tenant.