For uploading documents during move-in, you must enable the Identity documents field to display, before a move-in. Click Settings à Move-in à Field Settings


As the tab expands, scroll down to find the field Identity Documents. Enabling the checkbox in the Show column will display the field during move-in. The checkbox in the Mandatory column implies to keep the field as mandatory. Make your choices accordingly and click Save.

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Click Identification Details to add the fields that contain the details of the documents that are to be uploaded.


Click Add New


Enter ID name and enable either or both the checkboxes Admin Portal & Tenant Portal to display the details in the corresponding sites. Enter Field name and select the Field type. You can add more fields by clicking Add More. Click Save.


Now, as you do a move-in, the Identity Documents field will be displayed on the Tenant Details page.

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Select the Identity type


Enter the details in the fields accordingly. Click the Upload button and browse through your files to select the document to upload. Once a document is uploaded, repeat the process to upload another document.


Note: You can upload multiple documents but select one document at a time for upload and repeat to upload another document. Please avoid selecting multiple documents at once.