Creating Custom Templates is easy at 6Storage if you want to send custom emails and text messages to your customers. To create a custom notification template, go to Settings >> Documents >> Notification Templates.


You can see the list of default templates provided for multiple purposes of communications with your customers. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the ‘Add Template’ button.

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In the form for creating a new template, enter the Template name, Subject, and type the content. On the left side, you can see the list of macros that help you design the template by adding the required macros which can pull real-time data from your account. For example, if you add the macros '-storage name-' and '-unit#-', it will add the storage name and unit number to the email which will be sent to the customer.

Macros can be added from the below list of options and real time data will be pulled into the email for the same. 

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Once the content of the template is done, assign the template to a category by ticking the checkboxes from the list of options. You can add multiple categories to a single template.

Once the template is saved, you can preview the template, change the template category, edit and delete the template using the respective icons in the ‘Actions’ tab.

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