Setting up storage categories is an obligatory step to uploading units into your 6Storage account. 

Go to Settings >> General >> Storage Category

Click Add New Storage Category

As you can see, there are two types of storage categories. Choose your storage type accordingly. 

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Permanent Storage

This type of storage is fixed in a specific location. Examples such as Storage Units/Rooms, Lockers, etc.

Movable Storage

This type of storage can be transported from one place to another. Examples such as Containers, Boxes, etc.

Enter details such as Storage Category, Dimensions of the storage, Dimension format, and Display type considering how the storage details need to be displayed to the tenants.

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Select an SI unit in the Dimensions field to define the dimensions of your storage facility.

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Dimension Format defines either the storage to be represented in 3D or 2D view.

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Display Type is the format selection of whether the storage needs to be displayed.

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To add the subtype of the storage, enter details such as Unit Type, Unit Size, and Area of the storage unit.


Enter the Unit type such as Small, Medium, or Large, according to your convenience. According to the dimension format you have selected, enter the Width, Length, and Height of the unit. The volume of the storage unit will be automatically chosen according to the dimensions. Click Add more to add more subtypes. Or click Save.

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The subtype and the storage category can be deleted or edited anytime only until any of the units from the storage category becomes occupied.