6Storage helps you to maintain multiple storage categories, be it movable or immovable storage businesses.

Movable storage: This is a type of storage that can be transported from one place to another. Some examples of such business are Containers, Boxes, etc.

Permanent Storages: This is a type of storage that is fixed in a specific location. Some examples of such businesses are Storage Units / Rooms, Locker storage, etc.

Click on Storage Category from the General Settings tab to customize your business in the 6Storage application. 

Click on the Add Storage Category to add your Storage Business into 6Storage account.

Fill in the details of the Storage Business Such as Dimensions of the storage, Matrix, Weights, etc. & how to represent the storage on the 6Storage application. 

Select an SI unit for the dimension of your storage from the options under the Dimensions field.

To Select, the Dimension Format in either 3 D or 2 D uses the following filter option. 

The format in which you want to display the storage in the 6Storage application can be selected.

The subtype of the storages can be added in the table below,

When you provide the dimension the Area or the Volume of the Storage will be automatically calculated. 

When you are done adding the subtype of particular storage, Click on the Save button. 

The subtype and the storage category can be deleted or edited at any point in time until the physical storage is entered in your 6Storage account.