Tax Settings:


Taxes are categorized into two types based on your profile.

  • Business User

  • Personal User

Business User: Taxes applied based on the commercial proportions of the regional ordinances.

Personal User: The Taxation proportions that are applied based on the individual tenants.

Business User:

The business user tax settings option comes up with customizable options.

  • Tax for the Services
  • Tax for the Rent
  • Tax for the Merchandise
  • Tax for Insurance

Select the options which are taxable to the business user (Commercially using Tenants), enter the comments, and click the Save button at the bottom.

Personal User: 

For the Non-business user or the Personal users who are taxed at low cost compared with Business users, the Personal user tax settings option comes up with the customizable options.

Choose the options which are taxable for Personal user(Non-Business using Tenants), enter the comments and click the Save button at the bottom.

Based on the tax setting the taxes would apply to the 6Storage account.