Discount settings can be changed in Settings/Financial Settings/Discount

Click on Discount.

Next, click on the Add Discount Button at the bottom of the discount plan box to add a discount.

There are two types of discounts in 6Storage

1. Unit-based discount: Unit-based discounts are assigned to a unit; when a customer rents this unit they will get the discount based on the terms set in the settings.

2. Promotional discount: Discounts that apply to a tenant when the tenant uses a promo code or if the storage admin assigns the discount plan to the tenant.

Choose the Discount Type in the drop-down menu.

Input information for all of the required fields indicated with a *

Next, choose the Discount Plan Type - Standard or Custom

Standard – A standard discount applies to a lease and can be used anytime. The discount can be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage off of rent.

Input the discount values by selecting the Discount Mode either Fixed Amount or Percentage.

Next indicate the Discount Value and if the discount is recurring or a one-time discount. 

Custom – A custom discount can be set based on specific conditions being met like a minimum length of stay or advance payment.

  • Select the Conditions (Minimum length of the tenant being occupied in Months (or) Paid in Advance Months
  • Choose the Months from the right side of the field.

Click Save.