Click the Add Discount Button at the bottom of the discount plan box to add the discount.

There are 2 basic types of discount in 6Storage

1. Unit-based discount: The unit-based discounts need to be assigned to a unit & when the tenant rent this unit he/she gets the discount based on the conditions set.

2. Promotional discount: These kinds of discounts will apply to a tenant when the tenant uses a promo code or if the storage admin assigns the discount plan to the tenant. 

Choose the Unit based discount from the Discount Type drop-down and provide all the Mandatory fields like, 

  • Plan Name
  • Description in Tenant Portal (Text Name for displaying in Customer Portal)
  • Select the Invoice Period

  • Choose the Location
  • Select the Tenant Type (Business User or Personal User)
  • Storage Category
  • Select the Date Range(Discount Start Date and End Date)

Choose the Discount Plan Type

Standard – This applies to the lease as a common discount plan which can be used any time as the seasonal discount or based on the Admin or the Facility owner’s priority.

Provide the Discount Values based on selecting the Discount Mode either Fixed Amount or Percentage.

Custom – This type of Discount plans is used to set a customized plan for the discounts being applied, which can be set based on the following usage,

  • Select the Conditions (Minimum length of the tenant being occupied in Months (or) Paid in Advance Months)
  • Choose the Months from the right side of the field.

Please refer to the screenshot for more detailed information on each and every field available for creating a Custom Plan.