In 6Storage, late fees can be applied to tenants who are overdue on their payments. The late fees are added to a tenant's balance due and listed on invoices.

Late fees can be set up or changed in Settings/Financial Settings/Late Fee

Choose the Collection Type based on a Daily or Custom (Days).

Daily – The Late fees will be applied on a daily basis once the lease balance becomes due with the Overdue Scheduler.

Custom – The late fees will be applied on a customized day, for instance on the fifth day after invoice is due. 

Enter parameters in all fields. 

Click Save

Once you complete the information it will be displayed in the Late Fee list.

Edit and Delete icons allow you to edit and delete late fees. Late fees will not go into effect until they are enabled in the preferences settings (see below).

Enable Late Fees

To enable the late fee feature on your 6Storage account, Navigate to Settings>> Preference tab>> Other Preferences 

Type in the minimum balance for adding the late fee in the field that says "Minimum Invoice Balance". 

Note: The late fee will be applied to future invoices.