Field settings are used to indicate what information is required for a customer to move in, and what information is optional. Standard fields as well as custom fields are available. 

The field settings are selected in Settings/Move-In/Field Settings.

You can enable or disable a standard field by selecting/deselecting the checkboxes. To have a field show upon move-in, click the box in the Show column. To have the information be required at move-in, click the box in the Mandatory column. Mandatory fields are indicated with a on the Tenant Details page.

To add custom fields, click on Add New Field.

First, name the Custom field. If you have more than one custom field, number the field as to what order they will appear on the page. Select the type of field  - text box, date picker, radio button, etc. Indicate the type of input that is required for the field, like numeric, alphabetical. Next indicate where the fields will show, like Unit specific details, Movein Tenant Details. Indicate whether the field is mandatory. Custom fields can be translated by clicking on the Translation button and entering the translations supported by your business website. 

After entering all Custom fields, click Save.