6Storage has the capability to collect and store tenant ID details.  

Identification Detail requirements are added and changed in Settings/Move-in/Identification Details.

To enter details, enter the name of the ID to be collected at Move-in and whether it should be shown in the Admin and/or Tenant Portal. 

Next, name the Field Name and Field Type of data (alphabetic, alphanumeric, date or numeric) for each field. 

Click Add More to add more fields of information. Click on Save. 

After saving, the details are displayed in the next screen.

If more than one type of Identification is allowed, click Add New and repeat the above steps until all Identification types and details have been entered. 

ID's can be edited, deleted or translated in the Action column. 

When checking in a new tenant, scroll to Tenant Photo & ID Details to enter new Tenant ID information. Use the drop-down menu to select the ID type and