Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. An arrangement by which a company undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified loss or damage for payment of a specified premium.

One of the most difficult and confusing tasks associated with running a profitable self-storage facility has always been the need to secure proper insurance coverage. Unlike many other commercial ventures that consider insurance a simple cost of doing business, the multiple property and liability exposures specific to the self-storage industry place an uncommon emphasis on the need to secure comprehensive coverage to meet unexpected hazards.

Follow these few steps below to secure your storage with insurance plans that you offer to your tenant’s

Go to Setting in the menu bar, select Add on click on Insurance.

Step2: Fill in all the details. If there is another plan to be added click on Add plan at the bottom above save button.

Please fill in the following details to create an insurance plan:

1. Insurance Provider Name is the name of the insurance company.

2. Insurance Provider ID is a unique identification number used by the insurance provider.

3. Email ID: Email ID of the insurance Company.

4. Contact No: The phone number of the insurance Company.

5. Website: The complete website URL of the insurance Company.

6. Address: The address of the insurance company. 

Note: The Insurance Provider Name is the field that mandatory, the others are optional. 

Insurance can be added for each  storage type &  location.The details specific to an insurance plan are

1. Storage Type: An insurance plan can be created specifically to a storage type or an insurance plan can be created for all the Storage types in the 6Storage account. 

2. Location: An insurance plan can be created specific to each location on your 6storage account

3. Plan Name: The name of the insurance plan will be displayed to the tenant to choose from on both admin portal or tenant portal. 

4. Coverage: This field specified the total insurance coverage amount. 

5. Premium (Without Tax): This is the premium amount that the tenant needs to pay for a month.

6. IPT: Insurance Premium Tax. Click here for more. 

7. Business Premium: Is  the sum of Premium & IPT 

When you are done adding all these details, click on Save.

Step 3: To add more Insurance  plans provided by the same Insurance Provider,  click on the Add Plan link 

ALL the insurances will be displayed on a table, from where the insurance plan or the provider details can be edited or deleted.

Step 4:  To edit a discount plan  or provider, click on the  edit icon.

Step 5: To delete a insurance plan or provider, click on the trash icon 

Step 6: To add a plan to an existing provider, click on the + button under the provider details