Fees for service can be added to your 6Storage account and charged as an Invoice Fee, a Unit Fee or a One-Time Fee.

To add fees, click on Settings on the left menu bar. Go to Addon, then Fees/Services.

Fill in the service information indicated on the Form. Each fee is added individually.  

First, select the Storage Category from the drop-down menu based on the categories in your account. Next, choose your location. Name the Service for which you will be charging. Indicate whether the charge will be based on every invoice, a Unit type or is a one-time fee. 

Enter the Service Charge, which must be a dollar amount. 

Enter a Description that is easy for tenants to understand. 

 Click the blue checkbox to make the fee active. The Fee can be made Inactive at any time by unclicking the check box. 

Click Save or Cancel to complete the operation.