Merchandise for sale can be added in Settings/Addon/Merchandise. 6Storage can calculate the profit of items, as well as keep track of current stock levels and when it is time to reorder.

Enter the details of your first product in what looks like the screen below. Location of where the product will be sold, Vendor Name, Email Address, Phone and Product Name are required fields. Product description is optional. Click the radial button on whether the product is New or Used

If you do not want 6Storage to calculate an item's profit, turn off the profit calculation radial button. 

If you have an image of the product, click the button to upload.

The next section of the input form has several required fields including Buying Price, Selling Price, Tax, Net Selling Price, Current Stock Balance, Order Point. Options fields include Profit and Remarks.

Click Save.

Repeat process for every individual merchandise item.