How to add the Merchandise

Step 1:

 Click the Merchandise tab which is displayed on the below screen from "Settings-->Addon"

Step 2:

After that click on Add product (Merchandise)

You will be viewing a pop up which has the product information

Location, Vendor name as mandatory, Email ID as mandatory, Phone number as mandatory, Product name as mandatory with a new product or used product, Finally the description.

Step 3:

If you wish to upload the product image you can click on upload.

You will be having the Buying price as mandatory, Selling price as mandatory, TaxNet selling priceCurrent stock balance as mandatory, profit & order point as mandatory.

 If you wish to view the 
profit calculator it will be showing the profit otherwise you can click on the check box to disable it.


Step 4:

An email will be sent automatically if the order point of the product reached, this process you need to enable the check box and click Save.

If you don’t want to send an email, please uncheck the check box and click on Save.