Creating email and text messages that can automatically be sent to your tenant(s) is easy.

Follow the steps below to set up automated email messages: 

Click on the Automation tab on the main menu, then the Remind your tenants tab.

Ensure that the Turn on the Email/SMS notification toggle button is turned on.

Click Add Event to set a new reminder.  

In the below screen, provide the details of the event you want to send.

Field Details:

1. Event Name: For example, overdue notice, move out reminders, rent reminders

2. When to Remind -- in days:  

       Days: Specify the number of days before or after the event to send an email 

       After/ Before: Choose either After or Before from the dropdown.

       Type of Event: Indicate the event that will trigger the email


Two days before the Payment Due date:  will send an email 2 days before the payment due date to all the tenants in the 6Storage account.  

Three days before the scheduled Move Out date: will send an email to the tenant(s) 3 days before the Scheduled Move out Date.

3. Choose Template Category: Pick the template to be sent to the tenant by email. 

Note: If you want to add a custom template, click on Create Template link.

To set up text messages, enable the SMS check box and choose a template.

The event will be created when you click on the Save button.

The events you create will be added to the events table.


Note: The following actions can be performed on any event that is created:

1. Edit Event

2. Delete Event

3. View Report: Shows the details of notification emails and text messages sent to your tenant(s).